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yt DiNGO Unleashes a Musical Odyssey with "MAC-UAIMHE (Echo)" Featuring Gaelic Luminary Àdhamh Ó Broin and International Collaborators Embark on a transformative journey of sound and soul with "MAC-UAIMHE (Echo)," the latest release from visionary artist Yt DiNGO (Pronounced White Dingo). This groundbreaking single features the enchanting vocals of Gaelic singer Àdhamh Ó Broin, alongside a stellar lineup of international collaborators. Co-produced by Dave Atkins of Resin Doggs, Wolf Mother, and Azalea Banks, with contributions from Gumbaynggirr First Nation musician Manduway Dutton and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra violinist Jennen Ngiau-Keng, "MAC-UAIMHE (Echo)" is a musical tapestry that transcends borders and cultures.


Cameramen - Dònal Mac Giolla Chomhgaill (Dan the Merman), Que films and Travers Ross. Edit by Travers Ross Mermaid - Tahnee Lee Cover art - Bindimu Currie


About the Song: "MAC-UAIMHE(Echo)" is not just a song; it's an electrifying electronic dance track that pulsates with forbidden rhythms. The lyrics, delivered in captivating ancient language and Indigenous knowledge, are a collaboration between Àdhamh and Yt DINGO, translated into rhyme with a down under flavour. The vocals, described as howling, beckon listeners to dance and call upon their ancestors for a ritualistic experience. The Journey: Travers 'Yt DiNGO' Ross's own journey to reconnect with his roots inspired "Mac-uaimhe (Echo)." After returning to Scotland for the first time in 2022 and performing at the Edinburgh International Festival in Macro at Murrayfield stadium, Travers felt a deep calling to honour his heritage. What a welcome performing to a stadium of Scots along side Djuki Mala, Yolngu performers of Elcho island who he feels introduced him to his ancestors. He invited Àdhamh Ó Broin and his children to witness this profound moment. Following the recent passing of his grandfather, Travers embarked on a sacred journey to follow. He rented a camper-van to sit by ancestors' graves, walk in his footprints on ancestral soil, and be in ceremony with Àdhamh on country and by the Scotland well, A 5000 year old Yew tree and discovering his Pictish roots by the fire with Hamish Findlay Lamley and Ben Reid Howells(friends of Àdhamh) . This transformative experience, akin to Indigenous practices, saw Travers dancing and singing on country, by the ocean, and Loch, expressing his gratitude and love for his heritage. Upon returning to his home in Gumbaynggirr, Travers infused this profound experience into his music shows and films, imbuing them with deep meaning and cultural significance.

Supporting Dòrlach: By purchasing "Mac-uaimhe (Echo)" above, listeners have the opportunity to contribute to the fundraiser supporting education, culture, and empowerment within the Gaelic community. 50% of the purchase goes to This initiative that aligns with the song's theme of reconnecting with heritage roots and giving back to the community. Website -


Dòrlach Operational Objectives

  1. To promote the cause of Scotland’s Gaelic dialects, especially those in a perilous condition in terms of paucity of speakership

  2. To give voice to the speakers of lesser-known and now lesser-used dialects in order that valuable perspectives and information are not lost and that due respect be given to our elders who should not carry the burden of our Gaelic culture alone

  3. To restore Scotland’s Gaelic dialects to the status of living community vernaculars where possible / practicable. (Whenever the current context prevents restoration, to document dialects in order that future generations are bequeathed the potential for restoration)

  4. To support those actively engaged in the revitalisation and / or revival of lesser-used or moribund dialects of Scottish Gaelic

  5. To support young people in the restoration of inter-generational transmission between themselves and their elders

  6. To promote solidarity and sharing between speakers of Scottish Gaelic and speakers of other Goidelic, Celtic and minority languages around the world

  7. To continue the pioneering work of “Dalriada Gaelic” which has taken place over the last number of years to restore the dialect of Central Argyll to the status of a living language through fieldwork, digitisation and inter-generational transmission as a template for the restoration of other dialects

  8. To engage in educational activities with the public in order to spread awareness of Scotland’s Gaelic dialects and the work to reinvigorate them

  9. To liase, and where possible, work in tandem with other bodies engaged in the maintenance of the Gaelic language in Scotland

  10. To develop a sensible orthographic approach to dialect representation which allows for flexibility beyond the current conventions (GOC)

  11. To operate a “quality over quantity” approach to revitalisation of Scottish Gaelic in general, encouraging and exemplifying the highest possible standards of both the spoken and written languages

  12. To investigate and revitalise traditional Gaelic and Scottish practices and lifeways in order to return local, sustainable agency to Scotland’s people

  13. To engage in fundraising activities with the public at home and abroad to support the above objectives

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