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YT DiNGO at Splendour in the Grrass 2018



Listen to the howling cry of the YT DiNGO!


It will lure you to dance. Through a massive original sound like Rage Against The Machine and Madonna had a baby in the land down under. This award winning hybrid and festival knockout is hungry.  A teller of tales that vibrates the body and soul. YT DiNGO is a multidisciplinary creative with unorthodox vocals, lyricism and choreography authentically powered by ocean, fire, land and sky.

YT DiNGO (pronounced White Dingo) is a shape shifter in the flesh, from the genius mind of  Travers Ross. Known across the industry to wittingly challenge the norm bringing many walks of life together. Travers developed original styles and holds a legacy across Down Under making waves. He has been entertaining audiences on TV screens, films, radio, theatres and festival stages all over the world from the outback red dirt country to cement jungle city stages.

YT DiNGO has headlined festivals, performed at Splendour in the Grass festival, Falls festival, Festival 2018 Commonwealth games, toured 3 headline show’s, Won a Gold Coast Music Award for ‘Shipwrecked’, Facebook live streamed in solidarity for the ‘Our Island, Our home’ campaign and headlined Glow Festival Gold Coast 2019. Travers has featured and choreographed for ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ 2009 - 2011, directed song of the year performance at the ARIAS, worked with Richard ‘Swoop’ Whitebear, Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg in Los Angeles. Travers has toured the world break dancing on stilts, fronting bands, performing, dancing, acting and directing all over the planet. Travers also performed at the opening for the Edinburgh International Arts Festival 2022 at Murrayfeild stadium.


Travers believes YT DiNGO is A bridge for people to love self and be reminded of the love for the gift that is the human body. YT DiNGO reminds us that to love self is to love earth and the earth could use the love right about now. YT DiNGO creates with nature and brings his lessons learnt from nature to screens and the stage.

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